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The reproductive structures used by cycads (gymnosperm) are called
a) flowers
b) sporangia
c) sori
d) cones

Which of the following is true of reproduction in a pine tree?
a) The zygote grows into an embryo
b) The pollen tube contains two diploid sperm
c) Both sperm fertilize the egg
d) The cones are diploid

A flowering plant that makes seeds inside of a fruit is a (n)
a) sporophyte
b) angiosperm
c) pollen tube
d) gymnosperm

In the life cycle of a plant the haploid phase that makes gametes is the
a) gametophyte
b) ovule
c) pollination
d) sporophyte

The outside of a seed
a) cotyledon
b) seed coat
c) sporophyte
d) gametophyte

In seed plants the sperm make it to the egg via
a) pollen tubes
b) wind
c) water
d) tiny wings

The seeds of plants contain
a) ovules
b) embryos
c) sepals
d) both A and B

Inside a seed the new sporophyte is a(n)
a) embryo
b) cotyledon
c) pollen
d) endosperm

In gymnosperms the female cones produce
a) ovules
b) pollen
c) ovules and seeds
d) pollen and seeds

What are the two main (large) divisions of plants?
a) vascular and non vascular
b) woody and green
c) annual and dead
d) xylem and phloem

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