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Chapter 4 Review Native Americans Part 1.[print questions]

What group of Native Americans lived in the Chesapeake Bay area when the English arrived?
a) Cherokee
b) Apache
c) Powhatan
d) Iroquois

A body of water partly surrounded by land is a
a) bay
b) ocean
c) lake
d) pond

Who were the first people to build communities in the area we now call Virginia?
a) Native Americans
b) Colonists
c) Pilgrims
d) Africans

Who was the leader of the English?
a) Thomas Jefferson
b) John Smith
c) Powhatan
d) Barack Obama

A place ruled by another country is called a
a) state
b) territory
c) colony
d) land

England ruled the colony in
a) Patoka
b) Boston
c) Jamestown
d) Brownstown

What was John Smith's rule?
a) You must work in order to grow.
b) You must eat in order to grow.
c) You must work in order to eat.
d) You must grow in order to work.

Why did the English travel to America?
a) They wanted to build communities.
b) They wanted to find riches.
c) They wanted religious freedom.
d) All of these.

What people were forced into slavery in the colonies?
a) Native Americans
b) Irish
c) Africans
d) Asians

What were the names of the ships the colonists sailed on?
a) Susan Constant, Discovery, and Godspeed
b) Santa Maria, Nina, Pinto
c) A sailboat, a raft, and a submarine
d) John, King Henry, George the Fifth

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