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mathematical shapes
a) organic
b) geometric
c) radial
d) unity

This is created when light is reflected or absorbed by an object
a) drawing point
b) form
c) shape
d) color

this balance comes from a center point
a) radial
b) symmetrical
c) asymmetrical
d) equal

3D, contains height-width-depth
a) unity
b) shape
c) form
d) contrast

Texture is
a) making shades of a color
b) gradation of color
c) always smooth
d) the way a surface feels or appears to feel

to bring everything together as one in a work of art
a) monochromatic
b) analogous
c) unity
d) natural

a path made by a drawing tool
a) line
b) perspective point
c) diagonal line
d) focal point

anything that repeats
a) side to side
b) up and down
c) movement
d) pattern/rhythm

shapes found in nature
a) organic
b) shade
c) shading
d) value

What is a shape?
a) 3D
b) 2D, enclosed area
c) 4D
d) space

The lightness or darkness of a color is called
a) value
b) intensity
c) shading
d) texture

The primary colors are
a) red, blue, and green
b) red, blue, and yellow
c) orange, yellow, and red
d) orange, green, and violet

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