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Which example will give you more force to do more work?
a) more distance between the lever and the fulcrum gives you more force
b) less distance between the lever and the fulcrum gives you more force
c) an equal distance between the lever and the fulcrum gives you more force
d) none of these are correct

An inclined plane allows you to do ______________ work with_____________ force.
a) more, more
b) less, less
c) less, more
d) more, less

Using an incline plane, what happens to the amount of work that has to be done?
a) The amount of work increases.
b) The amount of work decreases.
c) The amount of work remains the same
d) The amount of work decreases then increases

What type of ramp would a person use if they wanted to use the least amount of force to get to the top?
a) a shorter distance ramp
b) a medium distance ramp
c) a longer distance ramp
d) None of the above

Which is an example of a wedge?
a) bowl
b) spoon
c) fork
d) knife

What is the purpose of using a wedge?
a) separates object
b) keeps objects together
c) allows you to exert force over a distance
d) none of the above

What type of machine includes inclined plane that is wrapped around a central core?
a) a knife
b) an axe
c) a screw
d) a wedge

Which is a function of a screw?
a) holds things apart
b) holds things together
c) holds things in
d) holds things out

If the resistance is between the effort and fulcrum, what class of lever will you have?
a) a first class lever
b) a second class lever
c) a third class lever
d) None of the above

What type of simple machine will allow you to change the direction of the resistance?
a) a ramp
b) a lever
c) a pulley
d) a wedge

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