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You can update a date or tiem by pressing the ___________ key.
a) F9
b) F8

________________ refers to the capitalization style of text.
a) Case
b) Style

The __________________ command removes the selected text from its current location.
a) Cut
b) Copy

Which menu contains the Change Case command?
a) Edit
b) Insert
c) Format
d) Tools

Which of the following reverses the last undo action?
a) Ctrl + Undo
b) Redo
c) Both answers are correct
d) Neitehr answer is correct

The _________________ is used to go back and forth between open documents.
a) Document bar
b) Taskbar

______________________command reverses actions in sequential order.
a) Redo
b) Undo

Which of the following features allows you to replace words with their synonyms?
a) Dictionary
b) AutoCorrect
c) Auto Text
d) Thesaurus

Which of the following corrects errors as you type them?
a) Spell Check
b) AutoCorrect
c) Auto Text
d) Text Corrector

What is the keyboard shorcut for undo?
a) Ctrl + C
b) Ctrl + X
c) Ctrl + Z
d) Shift + F3

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