Quarterly Reveiw 1 Question Preview (ID: 83)

A Review Of Astronomy Concepts For The First Quarter. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

The true shape of the earth is
a) an oblate spheroid
b) an elongated ellipse
c) a circle
d) an oval

One of the foci in Saturn's orbit is
a) earth
b) our sun
c) its moon
d) mars

Our sun will eventualy become
a) a supergiant
b) a black hole
c) a neutron star
d) a white dwarf

A star is born from a massive cloud of dust called a
a) super nova
b) black hole
c) black dwarf
d) nebula

Which statement explains the motion of stars around polaris
a) the earth rotates on its axis
b) the earth\'s shape is an oblate spheroid
c) the earth\'s orbit is an ellipse
d) the earth revolves around the sun

Our universe is
a) shrinking
b) expanding only
c) remaining the same size
d) shrinking and expanding

A galaxy moving away from us would show
a) a blue shift in its spectrum
b) no change ib its spectrum
c) a red shift in its spectrum
d) a red and blue shift in its spectrum

Name a star with a temperature of 9000C and luminosity of 10
a) Betelgeuse
b) Banard's star
c) sirrius
d) polaris

The best evidence that the earth rotates is
a) by the shifts in the swing of the foucault pendulum
b) variations of atmospheric temperature
c) changes in the moon phases
d) changes in the sunspots

Which statement is true?
a) radio waves have a shorter wavelength than ultraviolet
b) radio waves have a longer wavelength than infrared
c) red light has a shorter wavelength than green light
d) gamma rays have the longest wavelength on the ems chart

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