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In what order do the effort, fulcrum, and resistance appear on a second class lever?
a) resistance-effort-fulcrum
b) effort-fulcrum-resistance
c) effort-resistance-fulcrum
d) fulcrum-effort-resistance

Which of the following would increase the output force of a lever?
a) increase the distance between the effort and the fulcrum
b) decrease the distance between the effort and the fulcrum
c) decrease the distance between the resistance and the effort
d) increase the distance between the resistance and the fulcrum

Which of the following is NOT a type of pulley system?
a) fixed
b) moveable
c) combination
d) advantageous

Why can a larger steering wheel be easier to use than a smaller steering wheel?
a) A larger wheel has a greater mass.
b) A smaller wheel has a greater mass
c) A larger wheel requires less effort force
d) A smaller wheel requires less effort force.

Which kind of simple machine is NOT part of a bicycle?
a) a lever
b) a pulley
c) a wheel and axle
d) an inclined plane

What type of machine is a pair of scissors?
a) simple-lever
b) simple-wedge
c) compound-lever and wedge
d) compound- inclined plane and lever

Which two simple machines are part of an axe?
a) lever and wedge
b) blade and handle
c) inclined plane and screw
d) wedge and inclined plane

A spindle connects two wheels with fixed axles by a fan belt. If the effort wheel is larger than the resistance wheel, which axle will turn faster?
a) the effort axle
b) the resistance axle
c) Both axles turn at the same rate
d) The wheel size does not affect the axle-turning rate

What is the advantage of adding more pulleys to a system of pulleys?
a) It decreases the required effort force.
b) It adds more friction to the pulley system.
c) It adds more weight to the resistance force.
d) It increases the amount of rope required to raise the resistance force.

______________ can come from any machine that helps you do work.
a) Mechanical disadvantage
b) Mechanical work
c) Mechanical advantage
d) Mechanical leverage

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