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These are states of matter
a) solid, liquid, gas
b) atom, gases, property
c) Georgia, Florida, Alabama
d) mass, weight, volume

In physical science, mass is
a) an abbrevations for Massachusetts
b) atoms of elements not chemcially combined with geographical studies
c) measurement of an amount of matter.
d) only solid materials

A molecule is
a) a small mouse
b) the measure of gravity
c) objects in cups by themselves with no other element
d) a particle of matter made of two or more joined atoms

the measure of the pull of gravity on an object is
a) weight
b) mass
c) volume
d) molecule

Our first physical science lab included investigation of sugar, we used our
a) all of our five senses to collect data
b) sight and touch senses to collect data
c) a recipe for milkshakes
d) our sense of smell and taste for data collection

Matter is everywhere.
a) true
d) false

When we describe how matter looks, its size, shape, texture, or odor, we are describing its
a) adjectives
b) atoms
c) properties
d) magification

Atoms are the building blocks of matter.
a) true
d) false

An atom is
a) the smallest part of an element.
b) only found in liquids.
c) the largest part of an element.
d) properties of solids.

Which of these is a true statement?
a) Only objects that need to be seen with a microscope are matter.
b) foods are not forms of matter.
c) Anything that takes up space and has mass is matter.
d) any solid but no liquids that have mass are matter.

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