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Amount of salt dissolved in water
a) Salinity
b) polluted
c) energy
d) upwellings

Sound navigation ranging is...
a) Sonar
b) Solar gravity
c) Satellite Obit Near earth
d) Satellite

Water on Earth is found naturally as a solid, a liquid, and a gas. Where is MOST of the solid water on Earth?
a) in Earth's polar regions
b) deep in Earth's mantle
c) in the outer atmosphere
d) at the bottom of the ocean

Which contains the greatest amount of Earth's freshwater?
a) glaciers and polar ice cap
b) oceans and seas
c) groundwater
d) lakes and rivers

Only 3% of the water on Earth is freshwater. About 60% of that water is not available for man's use. Why is this?
a) it is frozen
b) it is polluted
c) it is too salty
d) it is in aquifers

Which two physical changes are essential processes in the water cycle?
a) evaporation and condensation
b) oxidation and reduction
c) mixing and separating
d) ebbing and flowing

Ridges, tectonic plate boundaries, and hydrothermal vents are physical features found on our planet. Where are these features found MOST OFTEN?
a) at the bottom of Earth's oceans
b) on top of mountains on continents
c) around the edges of deserts
d) in the middle of huge lakes

Tropical seas have a high rate of evaporation. Because of this, the water in tropical seas will have higher:
a) salt concentrations.
b) amounts of algae.
c) daily temperatures.
d) amount of sea water

Oceans contain many dissolved elements like calcium, sodium, and chlorine and these elements plus others combine to form the salts in the oceans. Which of the following sources
a) weathering and erosion of rocks
b) acid rain caused by air pollution
c) pollutants from industrial wastes
d) gases from active volcanoes

During the water cycle, when water vapor changes to liquid water, it is called
a) condensation.
b) freezing.
c) boiling.
d) evaporation.

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