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An example of secondary evidence is:
a) photograph
b) lecture
c) autobiography
d) diary

An example of primary evidence is:
a) textbook
b) newspaper
c) photograph
d) biography

If your castle was built in 1000 BC, how old would it be in 2003?
a) 3003 years
b) 2003 years
c) 1003 years
d) 4003 years

In what century is 1268?
a) 13th
b) 12th
c) 11th
d) 10th

Which date occurred first, 1890 BC or 1458 BC?
a) 1458 BC
b) 1890 BC
c) 1890 AC
d) 1600 AC

Someone who makes decisions based on opinions is being:
a) Subjective
b) Objective
c) Reactive
d) Active

Someone who is able to see all sides of an issue and base decisions on fact is being:
a) Subjective
b) Objective
c) Reactive
d) Active

The study of people and their culture is known as:
a) Subjective
b) Objective
c) Anthropolgy
d) Geology

The order in which events happened:
a) Time
b) Chronology
c) Space
d) Continuum

Many struggles that African nations currently face are a result of:
a) Wars
b) Debt
c) Organization
d) European Imperialism

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