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What is health?
a) Overall well being of your body, mind, and relationships with others
b) Overall satisfaction that a person gets from life
c) Physical, Social, Mental
d) How well you get along with others

What are the aspects of Health?
a) A state of high-level of health
b) Physical, Social and Mental
c) Physical, Mental & Emotional, and Social
d) Wellness, emotional and physical

What traits influence your personality?
a) Modeling and Peers
b) Heredity and Environment
c) Agreeableness and Emotional Stability
d) Friends and Culture

Which of the following is NOT a way to boost your self-esteem?
a) Maintain a positive attitude
b) Focus on your strengths
c) Ask for help
d) Get a good nights sleep

How much you respect yourself and like yourself is what?
a) Self-Esteem
b) Self-Actualization
c) Belonging
d) Feelings

Love, guild, and shame are what kind of emotions?
a) Primary
b) Learned
c) Grief
d) Coping

A way of dealing with an uncomfortable or unbearable feeling or situation is what?
a) Defense Mechanism
b) Compensation
c) Coping Strategy
d) Projection

What are two harmful ways of coping?
a) Making excuses and talking
b) Alcohol and Drugs
c) Predicting the outcome and playing off emotions
d) Denial and Regression

Emotions that are expressed by people in all cultures is what?
a) Learned emotions
b) Primary emotions
c) Anger
d) Happiness

What is your reaction to a situation that involves your mind, body, and behavior?
a) Sadness
b) Emotion
c) Defense Mechanism
d) Compensation

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