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Most new jobs in 2012 will be in the .....
a) goods-producing sector
b) team-producing sector
c) service-producing sector
d) labor-producing sector

How many jobs does the average American have?
a) four
b) three or fewer
c) one
d) at least seven

You spend more than ____________ hours per year working
a) 200
b) 3450
c) 2000
d) 100

The global economy ....
a) has little effect on today's US workers.
b) has only positive effects for the U.S.
c) consists of overseas manufacturing.
d) has eliminated some jobs and created others in the U.S.

Advances in _______________ are constantly changing how people work.
a) outsourcing
b) technology
c) telecommuting
d) career

Working in a series of jobs with increasing responsibility is an example of a/n _______.
a) career
b) export
c) technology
d) team

The main reasons people work are money, to be with others and _________
a) outsourcing
b) self-fulfillment
c) export
d) career

Working from home is an example of
a) technology
b) career
c) goods-producing
d) telecommuting

Companies that produce things such as CDs, cars, etc. are called
a) service-producing
b) goods-producing
c) laborers
d) team

Colleges, hospitals and travel agencies are examples of _________________ industries.
a) service-producing
b) labor-producing
c) goods- producing
d) team-producing

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