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How far should you sit from your keyboard?
a) 1 metre away
b) Arm's length away
c) One hand's span away
d) Leg's length away

To help rest your eyes while working on the computer, you should...
a) Look at points in the distance
b) Look at points close to you
c) Clean your glasses or contact lenses
d) You don't need to rest your eyes

To avoid injury, which body parts should you stretch?
a) Neck shoulders
b) Hands forearms
c) Legs back
d) Any body part you have over-used

The health risks involved while working in an office include...
a) RSI, headaches, eye strain and breathing problems
b) RSI, back problems, eye strain and breathing problems
c) Muscle aches, RSI and breathing problems
d) RSI, back problems, eye strain and sleeping problems

What does RSI mean?
a) Repetitive strain injury
b) Repetitive stress injury
c) Repetitive somatic injury
d) Relieve Symptom intensity

What is ergonomics?
a) Designing computers to fit humans safely
b) Designing machines and equipment to fit humans safely
c) Designing equipment to fit humans safely
d) Designing clothing and shoes to fit humans comfortably

Why is ergonomics important?
a) To understand health risks in any job and in using machines equipment
b) To understand health risks in an office
c) To understand health risks in any job in driving a car
d) To understand health risks in using machines equipment

How far away should the monitor be from you?
a) 1 metre away
b) Leg’s length away
c) Arm’s length away
d) As far as you want it to be

What types of machines equipment does ergonomics include?
a) Office Furniture and computers
b) Furniture, computers, all equipment and machinery
c) Construction Equipment and Machinery
d) It doesn’t affect any machines or equipment

The proper chair to sit in while working on the computer should...
a) Not adjust have 3 legs with rollers
b) Be adjustable and have 5 legs with rollers
c) Be adjustable have 4 legs with rollers
d) Not adjustable have 5 legs with rollers

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