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American History Review WWI-WWII.[print questions]

The League of Nations can best be described as:
a) Peace Treaty
b) Secret Alliance
c) Division of Territory
d) Mutual Defense Agreement

President Warren G. Harding's administration was damaged by:
a) isolationists
b) depression
c) political curruption
d) congressional leaders

How did Prohibition contribute to the growth of organized crime?
a) by forcing police to enforce anti-liquor laws
b) bootleggers could branch out into other types of illegal activity
c) by forcing farmers to grow grain for the production of alcohol
d) by strengthening respect for the law

Choose a basic cause of the Great Depression from the following:
a) "Reds" have been placed in key governent positions
b) Consumers could not buy what industry was producing
c) Foregin trade was in the US's favor
d) Federal Reserve Commissioners tightened up on credit availability

Relief, Recovery and Reform were part of the plan know as the:
a) New Deal
b) Fair Deal
c) Rugged Individualism
d) Huey Long's Plan

The group of World War I veterans who marched to Washington, D.C. during the Depression to demand aid from the government was known as:
a) Doughboy Army
b) Pension Army
c) Bonus Army
d) New Deal Army

What caused the stock market to crash in 1929?
a) Investors lost confidence in the market and started to sell their shares.
b) Depositors lost their investments and made runs on the nation's banks.
c) The Federal Reserve increased the money supply.
d) Germany ceased reparations payments.

Both African Americans and Mexican Americans had an especially difficult time during the Great Depression because they:
a) had little community and family support upon which to rely
b) were forced to migrate from the South to find work in northern cities
c) had to fight repatriation efforts by government officials
d) faced discrimination when competing for a limited number of jobs

Appeasement permitted Hitler to gain strength by:
a) giving in to German demands for more land
b) giving in to German demands for more aid
c) increasing trade with Germany
d) Allowing Germany to have neutral resources for free

European Allies declared war on Germany following the German attack on:
a) Austria
b) France
c) Belgium
d) Poland

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