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What does the force of gravity affect most?
a) weight
b) volume
c) height
d) mass

What property of a solid object would you measure using the displacement of water method?
a) weight
b) density
c) volume
d) mass

What is the metric unit for weight?
a) gram
b) newton
c) pound
d) millimeter

Mass, size, and color are examples of _______________________?
a) volume
b) properties
c) mass
d) liquids

To find the __________________ of a rectanglular-shaped object, multiply length, width, and height.
a) volume
b) mass
c) density
d) displacement of water

A balance measures the _________________ of an object.
a) gravity
b) volume
c) weight
d) mass

A graduated cylinder measures the volume of __________________________.
a) matter
b) a rubber duck
c) liquids
d) mass

A method of measuring the volume of an irregularly shaped object is ______________________ of water.
a) fraction
b) gram
c) displacement
d) density

To find _______________, divide mass by volume.
a) mL
b) mass
c) density
d) temperature

Matter with a density greater than water will __________________.
a) sink
b) float

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