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Hair color is a(n) ______________, while blonde is a(n) _______________
a) gene; allele
b) allele; gene
c) trait; gene
d) gene; trait

Is it possible for B+ and A+ parents to have a child that is AB-?
a) Yes, they both can pass on an A and a B.
b) Yes, the 2 positives will equal a negative.
c) No, you can't get AB from A and B.
d) No, the parents can only pass on +.

When crossed a black feathered chicken and white feathered chicken produce a baby chick with black and white feathers. This is an example of
a) Codominance
b) Incomplete dominance
c) Multiple Alleles
d) Polygenic Traits

Having squarepants is dominant to being roundpants (Ss). Cross a homozygous dominant parent and a heterzygous parent, then select the statement that is NOT correct.
a) There is a 25% chance the offspring will be roundpants.
b) There is a 100% chance the offspring will be squarepants.
c) 50% of the offspring will be homozygous dominant.
d) 50% of the offspring will be heterozygous.

All of the following are true about antigens EXCEPT
a) They’re the reason why careful blood typing is needed for transfusions
b) They can trigger an immune response if foreign to the body
c) There are 2 types: A and B
d) They help determine the blood type a person possesses

Crossing-over results in different combinations of alleles.
a) True
b) False

All of the following are reasons why it's important human sex cells are haploid EXCEPT
a) so that offspring get 46 total chromsomes; 23 from mom, 23 from dad
b) so that offspring don't receive too many chromosomes
c) so that offspring are diploid
d) so that offspring are haploid

Cases in which one allele is not completely dominant over another.
a) Incomplete dominance
b) Codominance
c) Multiple alleles
d) Polygenic traits

We cannot apply Mendel’s principles of genetics to humans.
a) True
b) False

The allele to create a Spirit bear is dominant.
a) True
b) False

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