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The practice of personal cleanliness is…
a) Personal Hygiene
b) Environmental Hygiene
c) Domestic Hygiene
d) People Hygiene

Attitude, Behaviour & Communication are…
a) The ABCs of a profession
b) The ABCs of positive body language
c) The ABCs of professionalism
d) The ABCs of customer service

A person who works for another person or business for pay is…
a) Employee
b) Employer
c) Investor
d) Colleague

The opportunity to be raised to a higher job position is…
a) Metals prospecting
b) Advancement prospects
c) Lateral prospects
d) Demotion

What is another name of “colleague”?
a) Employer
b) Co-worker
c) Employee
d) Competitor

The appropriate style of clothing for a specific establishment is…
a) Fashionable Dress Code
b) Sexy Dress Code
c) Dress Code
d) Designer’s Dress Code

Attitude, behaviour, communication, customer service & teamwork skills show..
a) Your personal hygiene skills
b) Your customer service orientation
c) You future prospects
d) Your professionalism skills

The action of doing work for someone before, during & after a purchase is…
a) Professionalism
b) Customer Service
c) Advancement Prospects
d) Positive Body Language

The characteristics of body movement that send positive messages are called…
a) Negative Body Language
b) Neutral Body Language
c) Positive Body Language
d) Professional Body Language

Making contact with others that may be able to give you advice or help is…
a) Customer Service
b) Positive Body Language
c) Loyalty
d) Network

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