Interactions Of Life Gr 8 Science Question Preview (ID: 8229)

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Plant Eaters
a) Carnivores
b) consumers
c) omnivores
d) herbivores

Consumes wates and dead organisms
a) predators
b) producers
c) decomposers
d) prey

A consumer captured and eaten by another consumer
a) producers
b) prey
c) decomposer
d) predators

Use the Sun to make energy-rich molecules
a) Producers
b) consumers
c) predators
d) prey

Animals who eat other animals
a) Carnivores
b) omnivores
c) herbivores
d) producers

Eat plants and other animals
a) carnivores
b) omnivores
c) herbivores
d) decomposers

Consumers who capture and eat other consumers
a) Predators
b) Producers
c) Prey
d) Decomoposers

Eat producers
a) Prey
b) Decomposers
c) Producers
d) Consumers

Where something lives
a) Habitat
b) Niche
c) Commensalism
d) Mutualism

a) A place where something lives
b) The role of where something lives
c) A relationship between organisms where organism benefits
d) A relationship in which both organisms benefit

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