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List a physical property of a bicycle.
a) It is made of wood.
b) Children younger than 3 cannot ride it.
c) It was made in the USA.
d) It is blue.

What is a model?
a) The central core of an atom.
b) The measure of how compact and object is.
c) A useful representation that aids in studying a subject further.
d) The part of the nucleus that has a positive charge.

Name a chemical property of a car.
a) It can rust.
b) It weighs 4000 pounds.
c) It is blue.
d) It is made of metal.

What is a chemical reaction?
a) Cutting up paper.
b) The elements listed on the periodic table.
c) The rearrangement of atoms within molecules to make new molecules with different properties.
d) Stirring something together.

What is technology?
a) The application of knowledge to accomplish a goal.
b) The combination of two atoms.
c) The occurence of a chemical and a physical change.
d) A scientist and his laboratory.

A molecule that consists of two or more different elements is:
a) an element
b) a chemical reaction
c) an electron
d) a compound

What is the difference between a chemical and a physical reaction?
a) A chemical reaction involves chemicals.
b) A chemical reaction can be reversed.
c) A chemical reaction results in the formation of a new substance.
d) A physical reaction makes something move.

Why does wood float, but a brick sinks?
a) The wood absorbs the water.
b) The brick weighs more than the wood.
c) The wood is more dense than the brick.
d) The wood is less dense than the brick.

How can people\'s choices affect how mater is used?
a) People can choose to use a computer for good or for evil.
b) Matter that is more dense will float.
c) People can use matter every day.
d) People can choose what color they want.

The measure of how compact matter is:
a) chemical reaction
b) protons
c) density
d) atom

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