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Describe a Shield volcano.
a) Cone shaped volcano with steep sides.
b) It is a small car.
c) Has a large Crater at top of volcano.
d) Gets steeper gradually, has a broad base.

Which type of volcano is the most destructive?
a) Cinder Cone
b) Cheese Volcano
c) Composite Volcano
d) Shield Volcano

Which volcano is BIGGER!!
a) Mt.Kenya
b) Mt. Everest
c) Mt. Kilamanjaro
d) Mt. Hood

If a wood chuck could chuck wood could he make it away from a pyroclastic flow.
a) Yes
b) None of the above.
c) I like Wood Chuck so Yes
d) No

Where is the center of the Ring of Fire.
a) Indian Ocean
b) Canada
c) Jamaica
d) Hawaii

What kills a human in an volcano eruption?
a) lava
b) lahar
c) ash and gases
d) love

Is ash dense.
a) No
b) Yes
c) Ash is fluffy
d) Sometimes

How is an eruption good for the land around it?
a) It is not good at all.
b) No and Yes
c) If i lived through one i would know.
d) It enriches the soil with nutrients.

a) dddddddd
b) tttttttttttt
c) yyyyyyyyyy
d) eeeeeeee

a) ssssssssss
b) yyyyyyyyyyyy
c) aaaaaaaaaa
d) ppppppppp

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