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The foundation for a constitutional monarchy in England was laid by the
a) Bill of Rights.
b) Toleration Act of 1489.
c) Glorious Revolution
d) Rump Parliament

The ____ granted Puritans, but not Catholics, the right of public worship.
a) Toleration Act of 1689
b) Bill of Rights
c) Council of Trent
d) Peace of Westphalia

____ sought to increase the wealth and power of France by following the ideas of mercantilitsm.
a) Jean-Baptiste Colbert
b) Louis XXIV
c) Cardinal Richelieu
d) Cardinal Mazarin

Saint Peter's Basilica in Rome is an example of the work of
a) Gian Lorenzo Bernini.
b) Artemesia Gentileschi.
c) El Greco.
d) Luciano Bocelli.

The Edict of Nantes recognized Catholicism as the official religion of France, and
a) gave the Huguenots the rifht to worship and to enjoy all political privileges.
b) was intended to bring about an end to the battles between the Catholics and the Spanish.
c) declared all Huguenots to be enemies of the state.
d) was largely ignored by the Huguenots, and served only to appease the pope.

The house of ____ ruled the southern french kingdom of Navarre.
a) Bourbon
b) Valois
c) York
d) Annecy

The style of painting known as ____ is known for its use of dramitc effects to arouse the emotions.
a) Baroque
b) Mannerism
c) Realism
d) Gauche

Louis XIV maintaainted ccomplete authority as monarch by
a) distracting the nobles and royal princes with court life, to keep them out of politics.
b) executing the previous maonarch's entire family.
c) maintaining a network of spies to find conspirators against him.
d) bestowing lavish reiches on any serf who supported his right to rule.

The Thirty Years' War involved all the majoy European powers except which nation?
a) England
b) Germany
c) France
d) Spain

_______ became the first ruler to take the title of czar.
a) Ivan IV
b) Louis XIV
c) Phillip II
d) Peter the Great

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