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The Thirty Years' War was mostly fought on
a) German soil.
b) French soil.
c) Spanish soil.
d) English soil.

The Peace of Westphalia officially ended the Thiry Years' War. Countries gained new territories and ____ emerged as the dominanant nation in Europe.
a) France
b) Germany
c) Spain
d) England

The Peace of Westphalia stated that all German states could
a) determine their own religion, thus becoming independent states.
b) join the Roman Empire and enjoy its protection.
c) become their own united country.
d) be forgiven of their sins.

The Peace of Westphalia brought an end to
a) the Holy Roman Empire.
b) war in Europe.
c) inflation.
d) distruction of farms.

What changed the face of war during the seventeenth century?
a) Firearms
b) The divine right of kings
c) Rival armies
d) The crossbow

Why did many Puritans go to America?
a) Charles I tried to impose more ritual on the Church of England and force the Puritans to accept it.
b) Charles I wanted to tax without Parliament's consent.
c) Charles I passed a petition that prohibited the passing of any taxes without Parliament's consent.
d) The Peace of Westphalia divided the Church of England and did not give Puritans any power.

The two sides during the English civil war in 1642 were
a) the Cavaliers and Roundheads.
b) the Musketeers and Cromwells.
c) The Cavaliers and Royalists.
d) The Roundheads and the Parliamentary Forces.

Oliver Cromwell, a military genius, purged Parliament of any members who had not supported him, and had Charles I
a) executed.
b) imprisioned and later exiled.
c) give up his throne.
d) over for dinner.

The Rump Parliment abolished the monarchy and the House of Lords and declard England a ________, or republic.
a) commonwealth
b) disaster
c) democracy
d) theocracy

Cromwell found it difficult to work with the Rump Paliament, dispersed it by force, and set up a...
a) military dictatorship.
b) communist nation.
c) socialist nation.
d) democratic republic.

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