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Career Day Questions For South Hills. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Name two clubs at South Hills in Philipsburg.
a) P.B.L. and Student Forum
b) Bible Fellowship and Mrs. Harer Worship
c) Newspaper and Bonnie's Back-Room Poker Club
d) Student Ambassadors and Lucky LaFuria's Bingo Club

What are two Associate Degree programs at South Hills in Philipsburg?
a) Business Administration Marketing and Management Basket Weaving
b) Business Administration and Accounting Computer Information Systems
c) Phlebology and Herbology
d) Criminal Justice Victim Injustice

What is the first step to applying to South Hills?
a) Walking in the door.
b) Paying off Mr. Gentzel and Mr. Springer. Baby needs a new pair of shoes!
c) Taking the entrance exam.
d) Complete the application and submit the $25 application fee.

Who is the director of South Hills at the Philipsburg learning site?
a) Mrs. Harier
b) Mrs. Harar
c) Mrs. Harer
d) Mrs. Hair

How many computer labs does South Hills in Philipsburg have?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

What are two reasons why somebody would earn an associate degree rather than a bachelor degree?
a) Time and Money
b) Dumb and Dumber
c) Because Mrs. Baum and Mr. Springer told him/her to
d) You cannot be a bachelor if you are married, and associate is just a cooler word than bachelor

Jan Pepperday, the WIA Youth Program Director, is located in?
a) Cornell
b) Stall #3
c) CareerLink
d) Geisinger

Name three types of student financial aid.
a) Grants, Loans, and Scholarships
b) Rich Aunts, Lotteries, and Loans
c) Agencies, Churches, and the Salvation Army
d) 401Ks, Mutual Funds, and Ebay

Which program did Shannon Allen graduate from?
a) Medical Office Specialist
b) Computer Information Systems
c) Business Administration and Accounting
d) Office Technology Professional

Who do you meet with if you want to learn more about the programs at South Hills in Philipsburg?
a) Mr. Mark Gentzel
b) Mrs. Bonnie Baum
c) Mrs. Penelope Program
d) Mrs. Leap

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