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When a person has homozygous genes, it means that they have
a) two dominant genes.
b) two recessive genes.
c) one dominant and one recessive gene.
d) either two dominant or two recessive genes.

A person's genetic make-up is known as their
a) genotype
b) phenotype
c) nucleus
d) DNA

The observable characteristics of a person are known as their
a) genotype
b) phenotype
c) nucleus
d) DNA

The gender of a child is determined by
a) the phenotype.
b) the mother.
c) the father.
d) the time of year when they are conceived.

An environmental factor that affects the development of a baby is known as
a) a teratogen.
b) a pollutant.
c) an act of nature.
d) trouble.

It is recommended that a pregnant woman
a) drink alcohol moderately.
b) drink only beer and wine.
c) drink only alcohol drinks made with fruit.
d) not drink any alcohol.

One side effect of heavy smoking during pregnancy is
a) the baby may be addicted to cigarettes.
b) the baby may be mentally retarded.
c) the baby may have a lower than normal birth weight.
d) the baby will be healthy without side effects.

The transmission of HIV from mother to baby has dropped recently due to
a) the use of birth control pills.
b) the use of new drug treatments.
c) fewer people with HIV/AIDS.
d) blood transfusions after birth.

The process of cell division for the gametes is called
a) duplication
b) mitosis
c) meiosis
d) habituation

Infant mortality rates of the US compared to other industrialized nations ranks
a) one of the best.
b) the best.
c) poorly.
d) the worst.

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