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The 3 domains of development are
a) Physical, Cognitive, and Social/Emotional
b) Physical, Biological, Language
c) Cognitive, Social/Emotional, Language
d) Physical, Biological, Social/Emotional

Most child psychologists agree that development is most influenced by
a) nature.
b) nurture.
c) both nature and nurture.
d) mostly nature but a little nurture.

John Locke is associated with
a) noble savages.
b) tabula rasa - blank slate.
c) social learning theory.
d) dogs.

a) focused on the psychosocial development during childhood.
b) focused on the physical development throughout the whole lifespan.
c) focused on the psychosocial development during childhood.
d) focused on the psychosocial development throughout the whole lifespan

Theorists associated with behaviorism are
a) Locke and Rousseau
b) Watson and Skinner
c) Vygotsky and Kohlberg
d) Bert and Ernie

When a study or assessment actually measures what it was intended to measure it is said to have
a) validity
b) reliability
c) variability
d) dependability

A method used to avoid observer bias is
a) put the observer in a room with a one-way window.
b) be sure to inform the observer the results you hope they will observe.
c) have one observer in every pair who is not aware of the purpose of the study.
d) to provide informed observers with more than one opportuntiy to observe various subjects.

When a child is verbally asked a set of questions in order to know what they know or how they feel, it is known as a(n)
a) questionairre.
b) observation.
c) longitudinal study.
d) structured interview.

The children born in 1982 graduated in the year 2000. A local paper followed the children in a kindergarten class through their 13 years of school. This is an example of
a) questionairre.
b) observation.
c) longitudinal study.
d) structured interview.

The theorist associated with stages of development throughout childhood is
a) Vygotsky
b) Kohlberg
c) Lock
d) Piaget

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