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Review Of The Solar System.[print questions]

What instrument made possible the discovery of additional planets?
a) microscope
b) telescope
c) gyroscope
d) spectroscope

Spring tides and neap tides occur in patterns governed by...
a) changes in the force of the Earth's gravity
b) the type of ocean currents near where the tides occur
c) whether the gravity of the sun or moon exerts a stronger pull
d) the relative positions of the Earth, moon, and sun (phases of the moon)

Which statement explains why the moon's gravity is able to creat high and low tides?
a) the moon is revolving more quickly than the Earth is rotating
b) the moon is revolving more slowly than the Earth is rotating
c) some parts of the Earth never face directly on the sun and moon
d) the moon is revolving at the same speed that the Earth is rotating

Which statement describes what is happening at high tide?
a) the moon is revolving more quickly than the Earth is rotating
b) the moon's gravity is dragging water away from the equator
c) the moon's gravity is pulling ocean water into a bulge
d) the sun's gravity pulls with more force than the moon's gravity

Why does the equator experience about the same temperatures year round?
a) it tilts toward the sun and gets much more direct solar energy
b) it has no prevailing winds
c) it has no mountains to affect the climate
d) the sun's rays strike the Equator at the same angle all year

Which of these planets do NOT have natural satellites?
a) Mars and Venus
b) Jupiter and Mars
c) Mercury and Venus
d) Mars and Pluto

What causes the change of seasons to occur?
a) the distance from the Equator
b) prevailing winds blowing across land or water
c) the tilt of the Earth's axis
d) the rotation of the Earth

Which of these would be shorter if the Earth rotated faster?
a) year
b) month
c) week
d) day

Why don't solar and lunar eclpses occur every month?
a) the moon's orbit is an ellipse
b) the moon's distance from the Earth changes
c) the shadows do not line up correctly
d) the moon's orbit is tilted

How do the inner planets differ from the outer planets?
a) they are made of lighter elements
b) they do no have moons
c) they are extremely large
d) they are space more closely together

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