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Physical Science Review - Physics.[print questions]

If light traves from a less dense medium, like air, to a more dense medium, like water
a) The light will slow, because the particles get in the way
b) The light will speed up, light needs particles to travel through
c) The speed of the light will stay the same
d) The light will not travel through water

As you go from left to right on the EM spectrum
a) The wavelength decreases
b) The energy decreases
c) The frequency decreases
d) The amplitude decreases. No!

The highest energy Electromagnetic wave region is
a) Gamma
b) Radio
c) Infrared
d) Invisible

Two ways to increase the energy of a wave is to
a) Increase the amplitude, decrease the wavelength
b) Decrease the frequency, increase the wavelength
c) Decrease the amplitude, decrease the frequency
d) Increase the wavelength, decrease the amplitude

a) Red would have the lowest frequency
b) Violet would have the lowest frequency
c) Red would be the highest energy
d) Green is not one of the colors

How can you give an object a positive charge?
a) Take away electrons, then you have only protons left
b) Transfer protons. Oh wait, protons can't move!
c) Protons and electrons must be the same number. Oh wait, then it would be neutral.
d) Transfer electrons to the object. Oh wait, then the object would be negative.

Conductors vs. Insulators
a) Conductors allow electons to flow, Insulators resist the flow
b) Conductors would be plastic, Insulators would be copper
c) Conductors resist the flow of electrons, not!
d) Insulators allow electrons to flow, not!

Parallel circuits
a) Allow for multiple paths of electricity to your circuit, thus bulbs would stay lit
b) All the lights go out when one bulb is unscrewed
c) How many blondes does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
d) The bulbs are all lined up one after another

a) Can be increased in strength by more coils or more voltage
b) Are permantly magnetic
c) Can't be changed in strength
d) Can't be turned off and on

Permantent Magnets
a) If you break a magnet in half it no longer works
b) The force lines go from North to South, like birds in the winter
c) Are useful, because you can turn them off and on
d) Need a battery

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