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Leader of Tammany Hall
a) William Boss Tweed
b) Charles Guiteau
c) Chester A. Arthur
d) Josiah Strong

Single bloodiest day of the Civil War
a) Gettysburg
b) Bull Run
c) Shiloh
d) Antietam

Proved the strength of the new Constitution
a) Bacon's Rebellion
b) Shay's Rebellion
c) Stono Rebellion
d) Whiskey Rebellion

Jackson pursued all of these policies EXCEPT
a) Indian Removal
b) Spoils System
c) Attack on the National Bank
d) Fair treatment of minorities

Seneca Falls relates to:
a) African American rights
b) Women's rights
c) Book on the Civil War
d) Landscape painting

Favored strong central government, pro-industry, pro-England
a) Federalists
b) Dem. Republicans
c) Progressives
d) Whigs

Party formed to oppose Jackson
a) Federalists
b) Progressives
c) Whigs
d) Dem. Republicans

KY and VA Resolutions were an early example of this idea
a) Absconscion
b) Nullification
c) Populism
d) Progressivism

Impressment and support of hostile Indians were main causes of this conflict
a) Civil War
b) Spanish American War
c) Mexican War
d) War of 1812

The invention of the Cotton Gin resulted in:
a) Lowering cotton production overall
b) Increased need for slaves in the South
c) Decreased need for slaves in the South
d) Increased need for slaves in the North

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