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This is the mineral that we get from dairy products that help build strong bone.
a) Vitamin A
b) Zinc
c) Calcium
d) Yogurt

Protein is used in our body to:
a) Give us energy
b) Build and repair muscle and tissue
c) Make our skin healthy
d) Build strong bones

Which type of grains are the healthiest?
a) Whole grains, like oats and brown rice
b) Grains of sand
c) Refined grains, like white bread
d) Processed grain

Which food group should we eat the MOST servings of?
a) Fats and sweets
b) Fruits
c) Meat and beans
d) Grains

This is our body\'s main source of energy.
a) Protein
b) Sugar
c) water
d) Carbohydrate

This nutrient is essential to cell function and we can only live a few days without it.
a) Vitamins
b) Water
c) Carbohydrate
d) Fat

We get most of our daily requirement of vitamins, minerals, and fiber from these 2 groups.
a) Fats and oils
b) Milk and dairy
c) Fruits and veggies
d) Meats and beans

This nutrient is stored in our body for reserve energy and insulates & protects our organs.
a) Fat
b) Water
c) Minerals
d) Protein

Which food group is our best source of protein?
a) Vegetable
b) Fruit
c) Meat and beans
d) Milk

Which of the following is NOT listed on a food\'s Nutrition Label?
a) Serving size
b) Where it came from
c) Fat grams
d) Calories

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