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To make a list using little symbols instead of numbers, you would use the ________ feature.
a) Bullets
b) Numbering
c) Icons
d) Outline

What Microsoft Application program do you use for presentations?
a) Word
b) Excel
c) PowerPoint
d) Access

What is a two-headed arrow used to do?
a) Move an object
b) Resize an object
c) Delete an object
d) Copy an object

In Microsoft PowerPoint, when looking for another word that means the same thing, you could use the ____________ feature.
a) Dictionary
b) Reference
c) Thesaurus
d) Spelling & Grammar

To reverse the action you have just completed, what do you perform?
a) Undo
b) Redo
c) Backspace
d) Delete

What is a four-headed arrow used to do?
a) Cut an object
b) Copy an object
c) Paste an object
d) Move an object

What is the term that describes settings that are automatically on the computer?
a) Desktop
b) Programs
c) Operating System
d) Default

In Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, what does it mean when you see a red squiggly line under a word?
a) Spelling Error
b) Grammar Error
c) Font Error
d) Title Error

In Microsoft Office, pressing “CTRL + C” and then pressing “CTRL + V” will perform what actions?
a) Cut and Copy
b) Copy and Delete
c) Copy and Paste
d) Copy and View

When working on a computer project, it is highly recommended to ____________ every fifteen minutes.
a) Print you work
b) Save you work
c) Upload your work
d) Rename your work

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