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What feature do you use to for movement when changing from slide to slide in PowerPoint?
a) Motion
b) Timings
c) Tranistions
d) Layout

The __________ is the blinking line in many programs that lets you know your insertion point?
a) Mouse
b) Cursor
c) Arrow
d) Hand

This text object allows you to click and open up a website.
a) Hyperlink
b) Clipboard
c) Word Art
d) Highlight

What Microsoft program do you use for spreadsheets?
a) Word
b) PowerPoint
c) Excel
d) Access

To insert cartoon-like images that are preloaded in Microsoft Office, you would select the _______________ feature.
a) Word Art
b) Picture
c) Object
d) Clip Art

Google and Bing are examples of _________.
a) Networks
b) Multimedia
c) Search Engines
d) CPU's

A way to duplicate your files in case you have computer problems is called ____________.
a) Paste
b) Download
c) Software
d) Backup

To insert a simple graphic of a smiley face or arrow in Microsoft Office, you would select the _________ tool.
a) Word Art
b) Shapes
c) Header
d) Chart

To place your text in the middle of the line, you would select the ________________ button.
a) Space Bar
b) Tab
c) Center
d) Justify

To modify the look or style of the text, you would change the ____________________.” For example: changing Comic Sans to Times New Roman.
a) Font
b) Size
c) Paragraph
d) Page Layout

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