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Social Studies Unit 2 Nigeria.[print questions]

What is the name of land with tall grass and few trees?
a) Delta
b) Rain Forest
c) Savanna
d) Rural

An area that is far from a city and has open spaces.
a) Rural
b) Colony
c) Capital
d) Urban

All the companies and people that make or sell one kind of product or service.
a) Heritage
b) Democracy
c) Colony
d) Industry

People who formed kingdoms in Nigeria during the Common Era.
a) The Hausa
b) The Yoruba
c) The Edo
d) All of the above

What is a colony?
a) The city where a state or country’s government is located.
b) Having to do with the city.
c) An area under another country’s control.
d) A form of government in which the people make the decisions about how they should be ruled.

What is Nigera\'s largest industry?
a) Oil
b) Raising Animals
c) Growing Crops
d) Manufacturing

What religions are practiced in Nigeria?
a) Islam
b) Christianity
c) Traditional religions
d) All of the above

The history, ideas, and beliefs that people receive from the past is known as
a) Endangered
b) Culture
c) Independence
d) Heritage

What do we call the city where a state or country\'s government is located?
a) Delta
b) Democracy
c) Capital
d) Colony

Which is the most recent year?
a) 300 C.E.
b) 300 B.C.E
c) 1500 B.C.E
d) 400 B.C.E.

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