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Which of the examples is NOT a Force
a) A push that causes a bicycle to move
b) A bicycle keeps moving once it is started moving
c) Friction slowing a bowling ball down
d) A boy pulling a wagon with his grandmother in it. Her Hoverround broke.

Friciton is
a) A force that stops all motion and converts the energy into heat
b) A force that is related to mass
c) Depends on Potential Energy
d) Opposes gravity

If a Bowling Ball is dropped off the Empire State Building
a) Gravity affects it only when it starts, then inertia takes over
b) Gravity affects it all the way down, otherwise it would hover
c) Gravity would depend on the ball's air resistance
d) Gravity is the greatest at the top

If two objects of different mass are dropped, and there is no air resistance
a) The masses would not be different if there is no air resistance
b) The object with the more mass would hit the ground much earlier
c) The objects would not fall
d) The obects would hit the ground at the same time. How about that!

If a bowling ball were thrown out of an airplane
a) Gravity would be greater near the ground. Gravity depends on mass and distance
b) The gravity would be greater the higher up the ball is
c) The Force of Gravity would be the same the whole way down
d) The Force of gravity would depend on the air resistance

If you are standing on the Earth, then transported to the Moon
a) Your weight would be less, but your mass would stay the same
b) Both your mass and weight would stay the same
c) Your mass would increase on the Moon due to lower gravity
d) Your mass and weight would both be less on the Moon

Which is NOT an Example of Newtons 1st law of Energy
a) A bicycle would coast on a flat road and pick up speed
b) Inertia
c) A skateboard stops and you continue to fly forward
d) A stopped car wants to stay stopped

Which is an example of Newtons 3rd Law
a) A bicycle moving down the street wants to stay moving
b) A bicyle hits a cat and you go flying over the handlebars
c) As you step off the front of a skateboard, the skateboard goes zooming backwards
d) Force equals the amount of acceleration you give an object

The Law of Conservation of Energy says
a) Energy cannot be created or destroyed
b) Energy can be created, but not destroyed
c) Energy can be destroyed, but not created
d) Energy can be created or destroyed by converting it

A bowling ball is rolling down the lane and stops before it even gets to the pins
a) Kinetic Energy is transfered to Friction and then to heat
b) Kinetic Energy is converted to Potential Energy
c) The Energy is destroyed as it stops
d) The Potential Energy is converted to Kinetic Energy

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