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A special notation at the end of a memo or letter that indicates that an item(s) is attached to the letter or memo.
a) Attachment Notation
b) Enclosure Notation
c) Mixed Punctuation
d) Open Punctuation

A keying style for a letter or memo in which all the text is aligned at the left margin.
a) Open Style
b) Block Style
c) Left style
d) Business Letter

The main text of a personal letter, business letter, memo, email, or report.
a) Body
b) Text
c) Letterhead
d) Return Address

A letter sent from one business or organization to another or to an individual.
a) Memo
b) Body
c) Personal Business Letter
d) Business Letter

Ending of the letter. Example: Sincerely yours,
a) Complimentary Close
b) Salutation
c) Return Address
d) Letterhead

Use a lowercase (c) followed by the name of the person(s) to receive a copy.
a) Complimentary Close
b) Enclosure Notation
c) Copy Notation
d) Salutation

Pressing the enter key twice (2) leaving one blank line.
a) Single Space
b) Double Space
c) Triple Space
d) Quadruple Space

A special notation at the end of a letter indicating that an item is included with the letter.
a) Complimentary Close
b) Mixed Punctuation
c) Open Punctuation
d) Enclosure Notation

Author's handwritten/signed name. Placed on a printed copy of the letter.
a) Handwritten Signature
b) Signed
c) Printed
d) Signature

The author's keyed name in the closing of the letter.
a) Signature
b) Handwritten Signature
c) Keyed Name
d) Salutation

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