CS2 - Ch 10 Part 2 Question Preview (ID: 8152)

Ch. 10 Test Review.[print questions]

Good communication skills means
a) better info from customers
b) no customer complaints
c) less need for technical manuals
d) always fixing the problem

This is unethical or illegal.
a) being impatient
b) sending chain letters
c) closing ticket early
d) not being sensitive

Where legal details are found
a) Netiquette
b) Transcripts
c) SLA
d) Confidentiality Agreement

Level One technicians primary responsibility
a) fix simple problems
b) gather info from customers
c) use remote software
d) update & patch computers

Besides when case needs to be opened, escalate to Level 2 when
a) Problem takes more than 10 min
b) No specific details
c) Contact info is inaccurate
d) No model of computer on record

Never look at a customer's
a) software manuals
b) technical documentation
c) emails
d) transcripts of support calls

I use this to control a customer computer.
a) remote diagnostic utilities
b) queue management software
c) contact database
d) online help files

Good netiquette includes
a) Only flame if for a good cause
b) Don't use formal greetings
c) Used mixed case
d) Use lower case instead of upper case

A good relaxation technique for call centers is...
a) taking a long lunch break
b) only talk to knowledgeable customers
c) Play video games instead of answering calls
d) Deep breathing

I need to look something up to solve a problem...
a) Ask customer to call back
b) Ask to put them on hold and wait for reply
c) Tell them to hold please.
d) Tell them you'll call them back.

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