CS2 - Ch. 10 Part 1 Question Preview (ID: 8151)

Chapter 10 Test Review.[print questions]

A caller says another technician was rude...you
a) apologize and offer to help
b) agree with customer and offer to help
c) tell them to talk to the manager
d) have them submit it in writing

This is good netiquette.
a) Check grammar
b) Reply to flames via voice
c) Don't use formal greetings in replies
d) Use all upper case

You see a confidential file on a customer's computer...
a) Minimize it and ignore it.
b) Report it to you manager.
c) Ask another user to close it.
d) Step away & have user close it.

Level Two Technicians:
a) Handle software errors
b) Fix problems that need to open computer
c) Chooses computer vendors
d) Gather info from customer

Inexperienced customers need..
a) step-by-step instructions
b) conference calls with Level 2 techs
c) reprimands not to do it again
d) explanation of probable causes

This is not a relaxation technique used in call centers...
a) Frequent gaming breaks
b) Relaxed breathing
c) Soothing sounds mp3s
d) Quick walk

Exception to SLA that needs manager approval
a) Contact person information
b) Clarification on cost & penalties
c) Upgrade the service with cost
d) Adding 2 computers with no extra charges

I am transferring a customer. You don't need to tell the other technician...
a) your name
b) ticket number
c) department numbers
d) cutomer name

First step in resolving customer problem...
a) brainstorm with coworkers
b) speak to customer
c) review technical documentation
d) search internet sites

a) keeps customers from giving good info
b) allows good rapport
c) is a useful resource
d) improves focus

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