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When air is moving, we call it
a) pressure
b) barometer
c) humidity
d) wind

What is the amount of mass in a known volume of an object or substance
a) density
b) air mass
c) high pressure
d) wind

Air pressure pushing down that is higher than the surrounding air is called
a) low pressure
b) wind
c) warm air mass
d) high pressure

What type of air sinks to the ground?
a) high
b) warm
c) cold
d) gusty

Warm air takes up ______________ space than cold air.
a) less
b) none of the above
c) same
d) more

________ air rises
a) warm
b) high
c) cold
d) gusty

Cold air is _________ than warm air.
a) heavier
b) lighter
c) milder
d) more violent

Air pressure pushing down on that is lower than the surrounding air is called?
a) high pressure
b) low pressure
c) Cold air mass
d) Warm air mass

What is another name for cold front?
a) low pressure
b) high air mass
c) warm air mass
d) cold air mass

What is the leading edge of a moving mass from warm air?
a) cold front
b) high pressure
c) warm front
d) low pressure

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