Chapter 8 Final Review Question Preview (ID: 8144)

Test-Taking Strategies Review.[print questions]

________________ is a general qualifier
a) absolutely
b) never
c) usually
d) always

Which is not an objective test format
a) true/false
b) multiple choice
c) essay question
d) matching

Previewing a test will allow you to__________________________.
a) Calculate question point values
b) Locate the easy questions
c) Review the different question types
d) All the above

When answering a multiple choice question it is a good idea to...
a) mark the answer as soon as you see it and move on.
b) choose something that sounds familiar
c) cross out the incorrect answers.
d) guess

No, Nobody, Only, Never and None are examples of ________________.
a) 100% Negative Absolute Qualifiers
b) 100% Positive Absolute Qualifiers
c) General Qualifiers
d) Possible Qualifiers

If you are giving the directions; "Give an example" it means:
a) Provide facts and proof to support a statement
b) Give a concrete description from your notes, book or experience
c) Give meaning without detail
d) Show how items are interconnected

If you are giving the directions; "Compare" it means:
a) Give the main points of an event from beginning to end
b) State similarities, but be sure to include differences also
c) Show how items are interconnected
d) Give a concrete description from your notes, book or experience

An important guideline to help you in predicting questions that will be on a test is:
a) Only study from the book
b) Use material that is in the textbook that is briefly mentioned.
c) Review notes from your friend who has a different teacher.
d) Use material from lectures such as; ideas that are repeated.

Reviewing what you got wrong on previous tests is a good habit.
a) True
b) False

The Checklist for Essay Test states that proofreading isn't important when answering essay questions.
a) True
b) False

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