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Thailand's government is trying to preserve one of its most valuable resources by limiting what?
a) widespread cutting of forests
b) oil
c) natural gas

About half of Brunei's income comes from exporting what?
a) gemstones
b) oil and natural gas
c) fish

One of the smallest island countries in Southeast Asia, this nation has a high standard of living
a) Singapore
b) Malaysia
c) Myanmar

Most of the earth's freshwater is found where?
a) glaciers
b) lakes
c) groundwater

Why do some farmers practice crop rotation?
a) prevent erosion
b) to avoid using up all of the minerals in the soil
c) prevent water pollution

Cutting down the rain forests can cause what?
a) less rainfall
b) glaciers to melt
c) the seas to rise

Erosion is a process that
a) causes the earth to warm
b) causes earthquakes
c) carries away soil, making the land less fertile

Name a continent
a) Australia
b) Texas
c) china

Name a continent
a) North America
b) Utah
c) Myanmar

Name a continent
a) Iceland
b) Africa
c) Hong Kong

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