Semester Exam Review II Question Preview (ID: 8134)

Questions That Cover TEKS From The Beginning Of The Year.[print questions]

The study of the earth's land, water, plants, and animals is part of
a) political geography
c) physical geography
d) geometry

What Arab country endured a civil war from 1975 to 1990?
a) Lebanon
c) Turkey
d) Iraq

The Islamic faith requires followers to make a pilgramage
a) Jerusalem
c) Bethlahem
d) Mekkah

The holiest day in Judaism is
a) Yom Kippur
c) New Year
d) Christmas

The Mesopotamian civilization developed in a region known as
a) The Dead Sea
c) The Nile delta
d) The Crescent Fertile

The Sumerians used clay tablets to record a form of writing called
a) Cuneiform
c) scratch
d) Heiroglyphics

The People's Republic of China is the official name of
a) Korea
c) China
d) Asia

China's government and society were shaped by the teachings of
a) Dao
c) Kongfuzi
d) Laozi

Tokyo and Yokohama lie on the Japanese island of
a) Honshu
c) Kysushu
d) Shikoku

Pandas and other rare animals roam at the eastern end of
a) Asian hills
c) Gobi Desert
d) the Plateau of Tibet

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