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Physical Science Final Review.[print questions]

Which statement about weight and mass is true?
a) Weight is due to the gravity acting on the mass of an object
b) Mass and weight are the same thing
c) Mass and weight never change
d) Mass is because of an objects volume

A car travels West at 20 miles/ hour. This information describes:
a) Velocity
b) Average Speed
c) Acceleration
d) Normal Speed

Which of these is true about Forces
a) Pushing a student down the stairs would be a force
b) Pulling your Uncle's finger would be a force
c) Two forces acting in the same direction would add their forces together
d) All of the answers would be true

A car starts moving due to
a) A balanced force
b) An unbalance force
c) Friction
d) Kinetic Energy

What happens when there are two forces acting in the same direction
a) The stronger force wins out
b) The forces cancel each other out
c) The forces add together and make the object go faster
d) The force is the average of the two forces

For an object to feel Work, the force must be
a) In the same direction as the object moves
b) Opposite of gravity
c) Larger than Gravity
d) Strong and immediate

If you push a car with 100 Newtons, and the car doesn't move. How much Work is done
a) 100 Watts
b) 0 Work, the object did not move
c) Greater than 100 Joules
d) More than the friction stopping it from moving

If you push a car for 5 minutes, and it took 200 Joules of work, how much power did it take
a) 40 watts
b) .025 watts
c) 205 watts
d) 1000 watts

If a bowling ball rolls to a stop, what happened to the energy?
a) Destroyed by Gravity
b) Created Potential Energy
c) Destroyed when it stopped
d) Transfers to friction and into heat

a customer complained his soup was cold, so the cook heated up the customers spoon. the custome picked up the spoon and burnt his hand
a) Due to Conduction
b) Due to Electromagnetism
c) Due to Radiation
d) Due to Convection

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