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The equation for density is
a) D=m/V
b) D=V/m
c) D=ma
d) D=Fd

The density of an object with a mass of 10 kg and a volume of 2 cc
a) 5 kg/cc
b) 20 kgcc
c) 0.1 cckg
d) 12 kgcc

A box with the dimensions 2 cm wide, 2 cm high, and 3 cm long has a mass of 24 grams, find the density
a) 2 g/cc
b) 12 g/cc
c) 8 g/cc
d) 16 g/cc

You drop a 4 gram weight into a graduated cylinder and it displaces 2 ml, find the density.
a) 8 gml
b) 2 g/ml
c) 0.5 mlg
d) 8 g/ml

The mass of an object is 20 g and the volume is 10 cubic centimeters, find the density.
a) 100 g/cc
b) 200 gcc
c) 2 g/cc
d) 0.5 cc/g

The volume of a box with a dimension of 2 cm high, 6 cm long, by 3 cm wide is
a) 12 cc
b) 24 cc
c) 36 cc
d) 8 cc

Mass is
a) the amount of volume in an object
b) the amount of gravity pulling on an object
c) the amount of matter per volume
d) the amount of matter in an object

The volume of a box with a height of 10 cm, a width of 2 cm, and a length of 4 cm would have a volume of
a) 60 cc
b) 80 cc
c) 40 cc
d) 20 cc

A box has the dimensions 2 cm x 2 cm x 2 cm, and a mass of 16 g. Find the density.
a) 2 g/cc
b) 4 g/cc
c) 6 g/cc
d) 8 g/cc

Identify the most dense item.
a) 1 g/cc
b) 2 g/cc
c) 8 g/cc
d) 4 g/cc

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