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Vibrations in the earth caused by the sudden movement of rock are called -
a) epicenters
b) earthquakes
c) faults
d) gaps

The elastic rebound theory states that, as a rock becomes strained, it first -
a) deforms
b) melts
c) breaks
d) shifts position

The point along a fault where an earthquake begins is called the -
a) Surface wave
b) Epicenter
c) Gap
d) Focus

The point on the surface directly above the point where an earthquake begins is called the
a) focus
b) epicenter
c) surface wave
d) secondary wave

A characteristic of earthquakes that causes the most damage is -
a) a deep focus
b) intermediate focus
c) shallow focus
d) deep epicenter

Most severe earth quakes occur
a) in California
b) in rural areas
c) at plate boundaries
d) in the middle of a plate

The boundary of a Pacific plate scrapes against that of the North American Plate and forms -
a) volcano
b) folded mountains
c) trenches
d) transform fault boundary

P waves travel through
a) solids only
b) liquids and gases
c) solids and liquids
d) solids, liquids and gases

S waves cannot pass through -
a) solids
b) the mantle
c) the earth's outer core
d) the asthenosphere

L waves cause -
a) rock particles to move in the direction in which the waves are traveling
b) the surface of the earth to rise and fall
c) rock particles to move horizontally at right angles to the direction in which the waves are traveling
d) little movement or damage

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