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Unit 3 Week 3 Vocabulary.[print questions]

All human beings
a) Humanity
b) People
c) Species
d) Volunteers

Cannot be avoided
a) avoidable
b) Inevitable
c) Unsure
d) Barrier

a) Following the rule
b) Special
c) Listening
d) Ignored

a) Informed or knowledgeable
b) Unheeded
c) Warned
d) Concern

Common or widespread
a) Intuition
b) Disagreeable
c) Prevailing
d) Enlightened

A sudden, important change
a) Drama
b) Scene
c) Revolution
d) Humanity

Good financial situation; lack of poverty
a) Prosperity
b) Unheeded
c) Inevitable
d) Employment

Fate; future
a) Enlightened
b) Poverty
c) Unheeded
d) Destiny

a) Proven true
b) What I think
c) A Poll
d) What someone thinks or feels

a) A statement that can be proved
b) What you read in the newspaper
c) What someone thinks or feels
d) What you see on the Internet

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