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What is the use of force to move an object some distance?
a) work
b) Force
c) Distance
d) movement

How is work calculated? (What is the formula?)
a) Work = Force x Distance
b) Work = Force x Motion
c) Work = Meters x Distance
d) Work = Power x Distance

Force is measured in what unit?
a) Newtons
b) Joules
c) Meters
d) Watts

Work is measured in what unit?
a) Joules
b) Meters
c) Watts
d) Seconds

What is the ability to do work?
a) energy
b) power
c) force
d) time

What is the rate at which work is done?
a) power
b) energy
c) force
d) joules

What is the formula used to find power?
a) Power = Energy /Time
b) Power = Energy/Force
c) Power = Time/Distance
d) Power = Force x Distance

Power is measured in what unit?
a) Watt
b) Joules
c) Meters
d) Newtons

What takes place when energy changes from one form to another?
a) energy transformation
b) work
c) force
d) energy loss

Energy cannot be created or destroyed; it can only change forms. What is this called?
a) Law of Conservation of Energy
b) Law of Gravity
c) Law of Energy
d) Law of Isaac Newton

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