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Where did the Vikings build settlements in North America?
a) New York and Maine
b) Florida and Georgia
c) Iceland and Greenland
d) Canada and Michigan

What was the name of the route between Asia and Europe that traders used?
a) Silk Road
b) Spice Road
c) Traders Road
d) Jewel Road

What goods did the traders trade?
a) corn, squash, and beans
b) silk, spices, and jewels
c) gold, silver, and iron
d) sugar, coffee, and cinnamon

Which two natural resources were important to the trade in Africa?
a) salt and gold
b) copper and silver
c) silk and jewels
d) corn and squash

Who was well known for his travels through Asia and China that inspired other people to look for new routes?
a) Vasco de Gama
b) Christopher Columbus
c) Ben Franklin
d) Marco Polo

Which city had a great religious importance to Jews, Christians, and Muslims?
a) Boston
b) China
c) Jerusalem
d) Venice

What were the series of wars fought to gain control of Jerusalem called?
a) wars
b) crusades
c) battles
d) coups

Who wanted Portugal to gain a share of Asia's wealth and set up a school for navigation?
a) Price Henry
b) King George
c) Price Albert
d) King Ferdinand

Who was the Portuguese explorer that sailed across the Indian Ocean and landed at Calicut, India?
a) Bartolomeau Dias
b) Christopher Columbus
c) Vasco de Gama
d) Marco Polo

Who was the first European to sail around the southern tip of Africa?
a) Marco Polo
b) Bartolomeau Dias
c) Christopher Columbus
d) Vasco de Gama

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