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What is 100 divided by 10?
a) 10
b) 9
c) 12
d) 90

What is 250 divided by 5?
a) 50
b) 5
c) 0
d) 1

What is the same as two dimes and one nickel?
a) .25
b) .50
c) .15
d) .20

What number is the same as the Roman Numeral VIII
a) 8
b) 18
c) 2
d) 3

What is 9 x 9?
a) 81
b) 90
c) 18
d) 72

What is 108 divvided by 9?
a) 12
b) 9
c) 10
d) 7

What time is the same at 10:15?
a) quarter past ten
b) half past ten
c) fifteen miniutes before 10
d) ten ten

what is 7 x 8?
a) 56
b) 45
c) 42
d) 90

Write a rule for this equation. C = 25 + 12n
a) The total cost is equal to twenty-five dollars plus twelve times the number of books.
b) The total cost is equal to twelve dollars plus the number of books times twenty-five
c) the total cost is equal to twelve dollars times twenty five books.
d) the total cost is equal to twenty five dollars times the numbe of books

Write an equation for this rule: The total cost (c) is equal to the number of shoes (s) time $12.
a) C = 12s
b) C = s + 12
c) C = 12 + 12s
d) S = 12c

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