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Characteristics Of Organisms.[print questions]

All of the following features describe all organisms EXCEPT
a) Organisms are made of one or more cells
b) Organisms respond to their environment
c) Organisms use energy
d) Organisms must have sunlight

All of the following carry on the life processes of organisms EXCEPT
a) bacteria
b) moss
c) protists
d) sand

Which of the following is a characteristic need shared by ALL organisms
a) cold temperatures
b) energy
c) light
d) oxygen

Only some organisms can obtain their energy by making their own food. All organisms release the energy in food through which process?
a) photosynthesis
b) reproduction
c) respiration
d) hibernation

The energy that an organism releases is energy that comes from
a) food
b) reproduction
c) responses
d) stimuli

Plants are autotrophs because they
a) absorb food from the soil
b) eat other plants
c) eat animals
d) make their own food

Even though they do not get energy by eating the way animals do, plants still need food to survive. Where does a plant get energy for making its food?
a) from the soil
b) from sunlight
c) from water
d) from the air

Living things must respond to stimuli that occur around them. All of the following are examples of environmental stimuli EXCEPT
a) type of food
b) amount of water
c) rate of respiration
d) change in temperature

A plant growing toward light is an example of
a) a response
b) a stimulus
c) development
d) reproduction

What characteristic of life is represented by a pumpkin having many seeds inside?
a) growth
b) photosynthesis
c) reproduction
d) stimulus

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