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Apartheid was a legal system based on what?
a) age of the voters
b) separation of races
c) number of citizens

Why did the slave trade begin?
a) need for labor to build American colonies
b) Africans were looking for a better life
c) The greed of African leaders

What is desertification?
a) turning of semi-desert land into desert
b) a desert finally getting much needed water
c) re-planting trees

What were townships?
a) marketplace
b) college towns
c) areas where non-whites were forced to live

What is the name of the desert in North Africa?
a) Sahara
b) Savanna
c) Lehrer

What is an economic sanction?
a) punishment for cheating
b) ending of financial dealings with another country
c) when you get a raise

Civil Disobedience
a) How Mr. Hence behaves on the weekend
b) Disobeying your parents
c) peaceful protests

Pass books
a) books stating you passed to the next grade
b) a way of controlling the non-white people
c) a ticket for speeding

a) drought
b) ending of slavery
c) famine

European Imperialism
a) When Africa took over Europe
b) When Europe took over Africa
c) When Africa began trading with Europe

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