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What do you call a resource what is used not for its own properites, but in constuction and industry to create other products
a) nonmetallic mineral resources
b) metallics resources
c) placer deposit
d) hydrothermal solutions

These deposits collected as heavy particles settle out of water. This is why people pan for gold!
a) placer deposits
b) mineral deposits
c) lava deposits
d) magma deposits

What resources do geologists predict are most likely to replace dwindling petreleum supplies one day?
a) coal
b) natural gas
c) oil shale
d) wind

Which is NOT a pro of using wind energy
a) noise pollution
b) cheap
c) does not create air pollution
d) windmills are easy to maintain

What type of fuel is used in nuclear energy?
a) Uranium
b) Helium
c) Hydrogen
d) Natural gas

Which of the following affect the reate of weathering of rock?
a) all of the response
b) climate
c) surface area of the rock
d) rock material

Where would you build a dam if you wanted to harness tidal power?
a) across a bay or esturaty in a coastal area
b) across a river
c) underground
d) in the middle of the ocean

How can mining for a mineral damage the land?`
a) increases soil erosion
b) causes ozone depletion
c) adds greenhouse gasses to the atmosphere
d) desalinates the water

What is the moraine called at the farthest point a glacier advances?
a) terminal moraine
b) lateral moraine
c) medial moraine
d) ground moraine

What are the sediments left from a glacier called?
a) glacial drift
b) stratified till
c) loess
d) sand

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